Accommodation terms and conditions

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Article 1: Purpose of this Act

1. The purpose of this Act is to establish sound order of all terms and conditions as defined by this Act, and any and all matters unspecified in this Act will be regulated by the court of law or legal customs.

2. The Resort complies to this Act regarding the terms and conditions reservations via credit card. Details of the terms and conditions are defined by a contract agreement between the Resort franchisee and each credit card company.

3. The Resort may comply with the terms and conditions within the scope that does not contract the purpose, legal statute or customs of this Act regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

Article 1: Refusal to accommodate

The Resort has the right to refuse or deny accommodations under any of the following circumstances.

1) Failure to follow terms and conditions defined in this Act for reservation

2) No rooms are available due to full occupancy

3) Guest with intent to stay recognizes he/she is likely to violate the law concerning accommodation or public order or customs

4) Guest with intent to stay poses clear health risk to other guests

5) A special burden on accommodation is placed

6) Guest is accompanied by pet outside of designated room, or if guest with intent to stay clearly appears to possess harmful substances

7) Rooms are unavailable due to natural calamities, system malfunction or other extenuating circumstances

8) Statutes of the Republic of Korea deems guest with intent to stay unsuitable for accommodation

Article 3: Guest registration

The Resort has the right to request to present the following details in allotted time prior to accommodation upon receiving a request for accommodation (hereinafter referred to as ‘reservation’ or ‘reserving room’).

1) Full name, sex, nationality, and occupation of guest

2) Other details deemed necessary by Resort

Article 4: Reservation deposit

1. This Resort guarantees reservation if and only if the Resort receives deposit upon reservation or reservation was made via credit card.

2. The deposit referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be covered by the penalty if it falls under Article 5 and shall be returned if there is any balance. However, if a credit card is used for reservation without any deposit, the guest will be charged a penalty by the credit card company as specified under Article 5.

Article 5 Cancellations

1. The Resort maintains the following cancellation policies when the guest cancels all or part of reservations
For group accommodation (referring to at least 5 rooms), cancellation fee is waivered if the request for cancellation applies to 10% or less of the reserved rooms and is requested 10 days prior to scheduled date of arrival. If the reservation is made within 10 days prior to arrival, the cancellation request is processed as cancellation on the day of check-in..

1) General guest

(1) Before 18:00 3 days prior to check-in ~ before 18:00 2 days prior to check-in: 30% cancellation fee of at least 1 room rate

(2) 18:00 1 day prior ~ 18:00 2 days prior to check-in: 70% cancellation fee of first night of accommodation

(3) After 18:00 1 day prior to check-in: 100% cancellation fee for first night of accommodation

2) Group guests of five or more

(1) 7 days prior to check-in: 30% cancellation fee of at least 1 room, no fee charged when less than 10% of booked rooms is cancelled

(2) 6 days prior to check-in: 50% cancellation fee of first night of accommodation per room

(3) 5 days prior to check-in: 100% cancellation fee for first night of accommodation per room

2. If the reason for no-show is of complications with public transportation, such as trains, aircraft, etc. or due to extenuating circumstances outside of customer responsibility, cancellation fee provided in the preceding paragraph will be waivered accordingly.

Article 6 Cancellations by Resort

1. The Resort has the right to cancel reservations for following reasons except as otherwise decided.

1) Circumstances deemed to fall under Article 2 paragraphs 1 through 8

2) Failure to submit the matters referred to in Article 3 upon request by deadline provided

3) Failure to pay deposit referred to in Article 4 (Paragraph 1) by the deadline provided

2. In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if cancellation complies with the terms and conditions of this Act, the Resort has the duty to pay refund on the deposit received prior to reservation.

Article 7 Check-in

Guests must register the following items at the front desk on the date of arrival/check-in.

1) matters referred to in Article 3 paragraph 1

2) Passport number and date of entry for foreigners

3) Date and age of birth for citizens of the Republic of Korea

4) Full name, contact and address

5) Date and time of departure

6) Other matters deemed necessary at the resort (All of the above is only provided with the consent of the guest)

Article 8 Check-out time

1. 11:00 is the time (hereinafter referred to as “check-out time”) required for guests to leave the rooms after stay.

2. Guests failing to abide by the check-out time as provided by the Resort will be subject to following regardless of provisions in the preceding paragraph.

1) Before 3pm: Fine of KRW 10,000 per hour of additional stay

2) After 3pm: 100% of room rate

Article 9 Operation hours

Refer to the resort facility guide enclosed for resort operation hours.

Article 10 Payment

1. Guests must a payment upon departure by traveler's checks or coupons accepted by the resort, or to the accounting department of the resort upon claim made at the resort.

2. Guest must pay for room if the guest has started using the room and has not stayed overnight.

Article 11 Room use regulations

Guest must comply by the regulations as provided by the Resort when staying on the premise.

Article 12 Refusal to continue accommodation

The Resort has the right to refuse continued accommodation during the stay for the following reasons.

1) Where it is deemed to fall under Article 2 paragraphs 3 through 9

2) Failure to comply the regulations as provided by the Resort

Article 13 Accomodation liability

1. The Resort is liable to any issues referred to in the preceding article pertaining to accommodation if and when accommodation registration is complete at front desk of the Resort, when guest has entered the room. The Resort is no longer liable after the guest leaves the room for departure.

2. The Resort is not liable for any accident which occurs as a result of failing to comply with the regulations as provided by the Resort.

3. In the event of failure to provide rooms to guests after the guarantee of accommodation reservation, the same or other accommodations will be arranged and 100% of the original one-day stay will be covered.

Article 14 Accepting and returning room cards

1. Guest must receive the cards to their designated room from the front desk upon registration and return them to the front desk with accommodation charge payment when leaving.

2. If the card is misplaced or lost, Guest must report the lost card to the front desk and pay a loss fee of KRW 10,000.

3. When the Guest has checked out with the card, the Guest must promptly return it to the resort by mail or other means without delay.

Article 15 Valuables

1. Guest is advised to leave any currency or other valuables in the safe by the front desk.

2. The Resort does not accept any liability on any lost items except valuables stored by the front desk. Guests are advised to keep their rooms locked at all time and leave the room card with the front desk in case of loss.

Resort regulations

To ensure the safety of the resort as a communal public area, guests are advised to comply with the following rules in accordance with Article 11 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions, and the following regulations.The Resort has the right to refuse accommodation to those that fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Act under Article 12 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions

1) Clothes iron, thermostat, cookers are prohibited to use in room.

2) Smoking in room is prohibited in flammable spaces including the bed.

3) Following are prohibited in any premise of the resort including the lobby and the rooms.

(1) Animals, birds and other pets (permitted only in designated rooms)

(2) Odor-causing items or substances

(3) Igniting or flammable substances, such as gunpowder and gasoline

(4) Unlicensed weaponry including firearm and dagger

4) Please respect other guests and refrain from making any nuisance or noise from excessive gambling and other excessive activities.

5) Unregistered guest is prohibited from entering or staying in the rooms.

6) Please refrain from using room or lobby as office or exhibition venue.

7) Distributing advertisement collateral on the resort premise is prohibited.

8) Please refrain from bringing or delivering outside food or drink.

9) All lost items or unclaimed laundry will be kept by the Resort for up to 6 months after check-out and will be disposed as provided by the Resort policy.

10) Please refrain from using facilities within the Resort.

(1) Please refrain from taking the equipment out of its original purpose.

(2) Please refrain from taking the equipment out of the resort.

(3) Please refrain from using or transforming the hotel premise as another venue.

11) Please keep all valuables (cash, and other valuables) in the SAFETY BOX or the front desk. The Resort will not accept any liability for the loss or theft of any valuables that have not been stored as advised.

12) Please use the luggage storage area in the resort is located at the bell desk or the front desk. The Resort will not be responsible for any luggage that has not been requested for safekeeping by the Resort.

13) Use of room for any other than accommodation purposes is prohibited.

14) Guests who wish to stay without prior reservation must register a billable credit card or make a deposit equivalent to 150% of the accommodation charge.

15) Please be noted that long-term guests will be billed by weekly installments.

16) Please refrain from wearing nightgown or room slippers outside of Resort room.

17) Please refrain from any hazardous behavior with intention or upon negligence that may inflict damage to the Resort facilities.
The Resort has the right to claim any resulting damage.

18) According to National Health Promotion Act, smoking in non-smoking premise on the Resort. Please use a designated smoking area for smoking.

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