Our guest rooms

Please give a read over the room usage information in preparation for a pleasant trip.

Guide 01.

Check-in / check-out

Check-in starts at 3 pm, and check-out continues until 11 am.

Please first check your reservation number at the front desk and fill out the registration card to complete your room assignment.

Room reservations are done on a first-come, first-served basis for the day of; advance room assignment and reservations are not possible

Please contact the front desk in advance at 033-850-7777 if entering your room after 10 pm.

Please check your room before leaving and return the room card to the front desk

You must notify the front desk immediately if you lose your room key and pay 10,000 won per key lost.

Please be sure to check out at the given time. Additional charges depending on the time will be incurred if you check out past the set time

Guide 02.

Late Check-out

The following additional costs are incurred for late check-out

  • Before 3 pm: 10,000 won per hour after check-out time
  • After 3 pm: entire room fee for the day

Guide 03.

Extra guests

Extra people and bedding may be added per room (22,000 won per person per night) up to the maximum capacity for the room type *Advance reservation required

  • 22,000 won per person, bedding included
  • There is no additional charge for children under preschool age. (However, additional bedding costs 10,000 won per set.)

Guide 04.

Room lost and found inquiries

Room lost and found materials are stored at the front desk on the 1st floor of the main building.
Upon request, we can send lost materials by courier (paid on delivery) after a simple
confirmation of room reservation and lost materials

Food and beverages are discarded on the same day, and are not stored after the day of departure.

Please note that lost items will be discarded after one month if no contact has been made.

Guide 05.

Resort guidelines

In accordance with the revision of the National Health Promotion Act, all rooms are non-smoking.

Pets may not be taken outside of designated rooms, and dangerous goods are not permitted.

Compensation may be claimed in the case of damage or loss of fixtures during a stay.

Please keep valuables at the front desk. We are not responsible for lost items not stored at the front desk.

For your safety, please refrain from using heating and cooking fires as well as irons inside your room.

Please be sure to check the door and window locks when sleeping and going outside in order to prevent theft and accidents.

Please refrain from excessive drinking and rambunctiousness. In the case of violence or excessive disturbance you may be given a warning or forced to leave the resort.

Guide 06.

Minors in rooms

In accordance with the Youth Protection Act, minors are not permitted to be in rooms without the accompaniment of a guardian.

Minors (under the age of 19) may only stay with the consent or accompaniment of their parent or guardian.

If a minor requires accommodation, please complete the "accommodation agreement for minors" below and submit it with the documents provided.

accommodation agreement for minors