Deluxe OndolDeluxe Ondol

An ondol room with a warmth that provides relaxation.
Warm and comfortable Korean-style bedding is provided.





ondol room

2 Rooms, 1 bathroom, balcony

2 adults

air conditioning / Ondol


Bed, TV, air conditioning, telephone, slippers, shoehorn, clothes drying free wi-fi

Mini Bar

Coffee, tea, 2 mineral water bottles, refrigerator, electric pot, mug, papercup


Facecloth/bath towel, shampoo/conditioner, body wash/body lotion, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, bidet, hairbrush, hair dryer, cotton shower gown

  • Smoking is forbidden in all rooms and on all terraces.
  • Parking is free for the duration of your stay.
  • Additional person and bedding: 22,000 won
  • Fines for cancellation/change/no-shows
  • Cancellation between 6 pm 3 days prior and 6 pm 2 days prior: 30% of first day's accommodation charge
  • Cancellation between 6 pm 2 days prior and 6 pm 1 day prior: 70% of first day’s accommodation charge
  • Cancellation after 6 pm of the day preceding the accommodation: 100% of first day’s accommodation charge

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